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June 8, 2024
Have We Drone This Before

We were fortunate enough to interview with Ricardo M. Peixoto also known on Instagram as @havewedronethisbefore. Creating lush ambient Eurorack patches daily for over 11.000 followers.

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June 5, 2024
Joranalogue Audio Design

The Sine Community has been provided a unique insight into the manufacturing process and we had the opportunity to document, record and publish the journey from start to finish including the development and design stages.

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April 11, 2024
The history of SuperBooth

Introduction The super-caldera of Lake Taupō in New Zealand is perhaps one of the furthest location removed from the freihzeit und erholungs centrum in Berlin, however our passion for electronic music and community of people who share the same passion is strong enough to bring these two worlds together. During our seven day trip in […]

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December 11, 2023
Erica Synths Interview

The Sine Community had the opportunity to interview Girts Ozolins and the team at Erica Synths in Berlin, Germany. Get an exclusive insight and learn more about the people behind this Latvian Eurorack manufacturer based in Riga. The Erica Synths team is made of visionaries, engineers, musicians and our most important employee – Tuna the […]

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July 5, 2023
Bocuma Synths

Guadalajara in Western Mexico is rated as the cultural centre of Mexico. It’s where the Mariachi music originated and where many large cultural events are held. Besides being Mexico’s cultural hotspot it is the place where Bocuma Synths was founded by Emmanuel Galvan Martinez in 2015.

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March 21, 2023
Geosynchronous Synths

In this episode, we meet Barry Whyte from who shares with us the new modules inspired by the famous TB-303 synthesizer. Ge0synchronous Synth started out of a desire to add the unique 303 ‘not quite square’ wave as a voice to a Eurorack modular synth.  Having built quite a few replica 303 in the […]

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January 18, 2022

Stevie Wonder. Ariana Grande. Lady Gaga. Will Ferrell. These are just some of the celebrities that Alan Certeza aka Nekojita has worked with. Certeza was born and raised on Guam, but currently resides in Los Angeles and is working here on New Zealand soil as camera man for your next favourite Netflix show. As member […]

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December 16, 2021
Mutable Instruments

Among the many brands and Eurorack manufacturers around the world, Mutable Instruments has become very popular. A pioneer of modules that make full use and advantages of digital open circuits.

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December 15, 2021

Volsef believes modular is the future of sound design and supplies Synthesizer New Zealand with with quality hand-made products, striving to a similar goal as the store which is enabling people to enter the world of modular synthesis.

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December 13, 2021

cyberneticOhm is a technological performing arts + modular synth electronica collective.

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