The Sine Community programme was developed with exploration in mind.

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Our academic programmes are developed on a foundation of four pillars, all being equally important. 
By collaborating with synthesists from within the community we aim to share our knowledge to inspire, educate and support others starting out in the world of electronic music. With our main focus being ambitious young individuals. The platform will provide them (artists) with the opportunity to learn, collaborate and grow.
We endeavour to inspire individuals to enter a creative space where they can freely express themselves through music and visual art, in a safe social community that promotes diversity, innovation and collaboration for upcoming and established artists alike.
Th electronic music culture is a more of a movement; something different that has never been seen in any other music culture known to man. It’s about communal acceptance, respecting others, loving each other, and uniting together to have shared experience with people who have the same shared values and understanding of cultural norms.
Respect for human and machine are an integral part of our academic programmes. We have incorperated modern technology and built a multi-channel platform to promote social interactions whilst maintaining and providing a safe environment and respecting the users. 
Sine community workshop

Eastern Institute of Technology
two-day Symposium

By creating content in an unconventional way with our educational, social and cultural videos we can break these boundaries and create a welcoming and diverse community that is open and transparent for everyone.
  • "Collaborating with Synth NZ in the future will really support what we are doing here."
    Sarah Terry, Discipline Leader - Music EIT
  • "The whole two days were awesome. I'd have to say the presentations and final jam were the highlights for me."
    Eastern Institute of Technology Student
  • "It felt like I found my own sound because I'd spent some intimate time with the machines. The wide range of tones you can achieve with the different parameters made for a whole day of exploration."
    Eastern Institute of Technology Student